Friday, November 13, 2009

Vegans Drink Up at the Kona Club Tiki Bar!

On the night of Tuesday, November 10th, East Bay Vegan Drinkers enjoyed a hawaiian themed evening at the Kona Club Tiki Bar on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. There was a great mix of regulars and newbies, and great discussions over 3-person fruity hawaiian drinks with colorful straws so long that they reached across the table. This was definitely my favorite Vegan Drinks atmosphere yet--dimly lit, intimate, and not too busy on a Tuesday night (however I went on a Saturday and it was packed). To top it all off, their drinks are unique and delicious (I especially recommend the hazelnut coconut drink).

If you missed this meetup, don't worry-- we will definitely be coming back to the Kona Club again!